Flatpack School House Design

What would it be like if a schoolhouse cost less than a second hand car to build, say less than £5000? And yet the building provided high quality facilities for up to 45 children in villages in some of the neediest countries in the world. The buildings would obviously need to be quick and simple to build by local people, be earthquake safe, cool inside, long lasting, and fully recyclable at the end of their life. The buildings should also be carbon negative using only solar power. Such a building does not exist yet, but when it does it will look like this. A charity project designed and launched by Linedota Architects with generous assistance from Professor Stan Guidera and students from the Bowling Green State University USA, Villian Wing-Lam Lo of the University of Cambridge, and staff and students from the University of Nottingham. Internal images by Martina Kueng, further modelling by Alexander Panlilio.