Feona Man Shan Cheng and Christopher C. Hill founded Linedota Architects with the ambition of providing inspiring architecture and interior designs as an integral part of an ethical approach to business.

The architectural qualities and possibilities of materials, colour, light and sound are of particular interest to us. Designing sustainable and environmentally conscious architecture is everything we do, not just something we do. Whether it be an ideas competition, a hotel complex, a sculptural tribute to local history, a retail solution – or a piece of furniture!

We consider our client and the other consultants within the team to be integral to the creative process of realising a project. We aim to manage projects within a tried and trusted management process, working with consultants who are like-minded. We are inclusive architects who prefer to draw on a strong cooperative ethos from the design and construction team. By working in this way we enable every participant involved in the creative and construction process to get their best contribution in order to achieve the best result for the client.

The finished project will be better as a result. An important aspect of our approach is our research. The thrust of technology constantly informs our work, and where possible, and appropriate, we try to innovate. We believe that it is only through the ceaseless asking of questions can we be confident that the client’s and project’s objectives can be fully met.