Where we have the opportunity to design the furniture for one of our own interiors or buildings, it is regarded as a seamless extension of the architecture or interior and therefore becomes a spatial and conceptual extension to it. When the piece is a standalone, it can become a focus for the space or perhaps a functional extension to it.

Our furniture is contemporary, though sometimes inspired by traditional or classical ideas. It is always functional and often innovative in the design and use of materials.

For both commercial and domestic projects, Linedota’s vision has frequently challenged conventional wisdom in furniture design and fabrication. A feature vanity basin made from stacked plywood and finished in oil-based coatings for example, demonstrates a suppleness of thinking that characterises our approach.

To help us realise our vision we experiment and invent, we carry out extensive research, we use the tried and the trusted, we embrace the very latest technology. We also work closely with technical experts and specialist manufacturers, combining our skills with theirs to create finished products that blend function and form perfectly.

Linedota is currently working with a UK furniture manufacturer to design a range of chairs that can be remodelled on request to include that personal touch to satisfy individual requirements.

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