Watch House

A pair of cottages on the banks of the river Avon have been occupied by members of the same family for many generations.

Abercorn Cottages

This property was designed and lived in by an early Modernist Architect who had immigrated to the UK in the 1930s.

The Bramptons

The Bramptons is a high-end residential development consisting of a terrace of six large townhouses, and six detached houses.

Dorset House

The refurbishment of this apartment in a listed building includes the kitchen, bathroom, hearth and furniture which were created using beech plywood.

Boston Place

This terrace house in London's Marylebone district once belonged to a product design guru from the 1970s but it had seen better days.

Redchurch Street

Our proposal captures this history by retaining the fragments of original brickwork and developing the form.

Barbican Apartment

The owner of this apartment invited Linedota Architects to create an inspiring interior element to add character to the otherwise bland interiors.

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