Linedota Architects was founded by Feona Cheng and Christopher Hill with the notion of bringing an indelible commitment to good design, and a solid dedication to honest, worthwhile and professional service that our clients will enjoy, and that the users our buildings appreciate. Our aim is to do this fairly and openly in a way that is ethical and sustainable. But, lit is important to say that we do not let any of this get in the way of creativity in that our ethical approach seems to fan the flames of creativity rather than dampen them. The approach is what we believe in and so it is the way we work.

We go about the design process with cold, clear eyes, employing rigorous analysis wherever possible. Particularly so regarding the site where analysis might encompass social and physical characteristics. This helps us to build a detailed understanding of the requirements to be designed for. The creative spark just comes! From where it is difficult to say, but it is shaped by the analysis. We are grateful for it, and on this point we do not ask too many questions about its provenance. But we do ask a lot of questions in other areas. We like to question the brief as well as preconceptions. By driving ideas driven back and forth we aim to shed new light. This is how we come by effective solutions that others overlook. We also ask questions of provenance about the materials, products and services we use. This is part of our sustainability commitment.

Linedota Architects, although small, has worked on a wide range of projects in the UK and internationally. Most of our projects are at a small scale, but we have worked at much larger scales. Our work has included regeneration, housing, social, domestic, cultural and leisure projects. The founding partners are also widely travelled which brings wide cultural influences into their work. Our projects are also technically accomplished. This is a source of satisfaction both to us, and our clients.

We wrap all this into a tight package of project management procedures. We take spending somebody else's money as a serious matter, and we are very careful how we go about it. Good project management is also good for creativity. Where creativity is unfocused and not well directed it is often more trouble than it is worth, and seldom benefits a project. When it comes to the running of a project we like it dull and uneventful. We like the projects themselves to be exciting and thoughtful.