Concept Bridge New Islington Manchester

The competition brief asked for a design proposal for a bridge that addresses practical issues such as budget, access levels and local planning and building interests, while at the same time create an inspirational and world-class architectural landmark.

Of the many options Linedota researched, the final recommendation is a stunning combination of the practical and the fanciful. Its curving and tapering edge beam supports, its cantilevered steel arches, suspension cables and use of materials such as light-reflective aluminium and yellow glass, all contribute to a construction that is as strong as it is sleek and sunny. Its centrally supported design meanwhile is inspired by an Indian superstition. Believers claim that a small basket of trinkets hung from a single pole and suspended over water will find favour with the gods and so has the power to make dreams come true – a perfect theme for the bridge and people of New Islington.